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SOCOM 1 News

Socom 1 online servers are back online.

SOCOM 2 News

Socom 2 online servers are back online. Also you can play on SVDL on your PC and Console

SOCOM 3 News

Playable on SVDL / Lan

SOCOM Combined Assault News

Playable on SVDL / Lan

SOCOM Confrontation News


Happy boxing day to every socomers. Hope you had a good Christmas with your relatives.

Regarding the release of confrontation, a lot of you guys expected a release for this exact moment. First, if any kind of release happens, this would be in a form of private beta. It means that you will need to fill an application and agree with the state of release that you will play on.

You should not expect it to be in your hands right away, it can't work like that. There's steps to follow in the way to have the best experience for every one of us.

Now, concerning the private beta that I've planned, me and few private testers been working on finding a major issue that prevents the release of the beta. Once I have fixed it, the server will be ready for the initial beta release.

There might still be a chance that application starts in a couple of days. If not it will be beginning of January and if still no application has been published, it will mean that the issue is still in a need of a fix.

You won't miss this phase, we'll make an announcement and this will make a lot of noise.

I told you last update that the next one would be an actual gameplay of the game to showcase. Here's a showcase that I have recorded during private tests that I've conducted in the way to ensure a safe release for the preliminary beta.

I'm pleased to finally release to public. For the first time, people will see socom confrontation being played since years.

This is an incredible milestone that has been achieved and I hope one day, I will be able to offer you as many features as confrontation can offer.


The beta is delayed for security reason. I don't know for how long.

I am HIGHLY suspecting developers (1UP & Kerb) from SOCOM Community have planned to steal the work I achieved with once I will release it, just by capturing the network communications from my server.

This is a known threat, as they have already done the same process on other revival projects. That's why they recently created a new discord dedicated to other revived games than socom. They even betrayed the UYA team that we have been cooperating with for months in the way to get their servers properly working for socom 2. They already spend lot of hours on other psone's emulated onlines.

That's how they figured p2p mics for socom 2, that's how they take money and credit from other developers.

I am sorry about this, I am not the one who planned to do such disgusting things. But I swear that I am doing as fast I can do handle the changes that are required now (which will only save me a couple weeks from their plan).

Again, I am SINCERELY sorry about the on going situation, I was in the process of hosting the server, beta was suppose to start right after. But I've been told another detail in the last minute. At least I'm not the only who knows the truth now about them.


New estimation for the private beta release is this weekend. I'm currently working on it.

@JRiv_Eagle might upload some gameplay footage while he was playing on the server.

Sorry for the frustration, It was not a pleasure for me either to announce this.

Edit: Any information regarding the private beta will be given to you, please remain patient.


We are 12 hours or less from the private beta.

While executing last changes needed, I used the extra time to perform rpcs3 tests, which is something I never looked into.

The previous work done by Thalhammer (Warhawk) allows RPCN to support our servers. Thanks to him for leading the way.

While it is extremely unstable, we won't allow rpcs3 users during the beginning and until officers and me, have decided about it.

Here's a footage that I recorded.

EDIT: Again, you guys will have every information needed for the beta in due time.(edited)



[WIP] SOCOM : Confrontation | rpcs3 first try


The current private beta has ended 13 hours ago. Thanks to those who participated and sorry for those who haven't been able to play Confrontation, yet. This private beta session has been very informative for both me and the testers, let me give you the two most important points you need to know about.

-The maximum number of players the server can handle without starting to suffer and causing lags or troubles to players is currently around 62 (in-game). I've been unable to reach a higher number without causing large instability to the server.

-The server has issues that need to be resolved before proceeding any further, one issue is preventing me from doing any consistent work on the server. Once resolved, I will be able to fix what needs to be addressed and attempting to increase the server's capacity.

We are far from what Sony was able to do. Handling 256 players in one channel will be impossible without reviewing the source code in its entirety. This cannot be done without a tremendous amount of work.

I do not have any goal for the server's capacity, the goal is to make this server accessible for everyone. According to the total applicants we had in less than 3 hours, 500+ users are willing to play the game, we can't say for sure how many simultaneous connections we'll have at the public release.

My guess is that more than 300 players would connect to the server at some point. We will be unable to handle that many players without at least two servers computing for more than 256 players max(edited)

[4:29 PM]

The server will be turned back on to the current private testers once it will be ready and hopefully definitely. With a stronger server and an optimized source code, we will try to push the new capacity for the server and we'll add more players at that moment.

You need to remain patient and take in consideration that this is an independent project, still a work in progress and being worked during free time. I am not dedicated has Sony been able to obviously.

Those who got invited into the beta are lucky, we did not any random pick, we are treating people equally. We did a few favors to our close friends/family, but it stops here. No need to be mad or angry after anyone.

SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 1 & 2 News

Socom ad hoc server status, courtesy of Linblow

PSP Setup tutorial - Credits to dc

PPSSPP Setup tutorial - Credits to dc

PPSSPP Setup tutorial - Credits to dc

PS Vita Setup tutorial - Credits to dc

SOCOM 4 News


H-Hour: World's Eliteā„¢ is a TPV tactical, team-based multiplayer, military shooter in which cooperation among players is required for success on the battlefield. Designed by David Sears as a spiritual successor to the early SOCOM games.

Game page:

1/23/2021: This morning we released both new and revised Workshop content created by Newybond. Any feedback on the map should be posted on the Steam forums so the content creators can be informed. Please ensure you download the update before playing on the servers.

New Map:


Game Mode: Demo and Elimination

Size: Medium


This is a recreation of the legendary Quarantine map.

Updated Maps:

River Express

- Changed humvee to jeep (because of collision issues)


- Added a door in building

- Shifted blocking volume on a stairway, so players can walk smoother

- Changed bomb plant locations on both sides (deleted objects)

- Added grass and plants on some spots

- Made the jeeps a little bigger, so players can hide better

- Across the terrorist bridge to the right, added 3 climb objects

MAG News

Project started late November 2019. MAG runs on the Sony 'Medius' Servers. Which will be reverse engineered and hopefully make MAG as a whole playable again!

For anyone else to take a look at I've done a small capturing of MAG in its current state, to know what hosts I can still fetch, and I managed to grab MAG related hosts! I don't know what can be recovered from these if any, but we can potentially use this as our first stepping stone to communicating with MAG and beginning the Reverse Engineering process! This is what I have captured for hosts notably: (login server) (Primary name server)

I will see if I can create some form of apache server and see what it requests from the client! As a starting point, (While this is not a capture worth having since it was just captured not very long ago at all and since the servers are offline!) I plan to take a look at 2.12 closer (alongside other builds) to get further in the login process!